This Year’s Babies

I’ve have been very busy this spring and summer capturing  photos of the current crop of babies! Most of the ones I have succeeded in getting are birds. Normally you don’t see the waterfowl young until they are a good size – past the cute stage. I suspect with the water being so high this year – way high – the waterfowl is more limited in finding ‘safe’ places for their young. So I have benefitted from this – in return for more mosquitos I suspect!

Right now I am watching a loon family, a pied-billed grebe family and an osprey family. And I’m starting to go through my photos of the various stages of development I’ve seen. This is going to take some time as I have MANY photos. So bear with me. But you can go to my website to see some photos.

Here is the pied-bille grebe family – at least a parent and a baby. Wild colours! But amazingly, these colours hide the babies perfectly in the reeds – I should know as I spent hours searching for them there. and found them very rarely!

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