The eagles have landed

I know I am supposed to be working on my osprey posts, but I can get easily sidetracked and today was no exception. I headed up the Lardeau River to see how the salmon spawn was going. It is late in the season but there were still salmon in the river. As I may have mentioned before, our salmon are not big-probably a foot at the most. But the grizzlies and the eagles in particular are quite fond of them!
There have been few grizzlies this year, which worries me, and few eagles. But, today I got some shots of an eagle that I have been hoping to get. Each year I set a target of some key shots I would like to (dream of) get. Moments that are usually tricky to get. And each year I manage to get some on my list and even some I hadn’t thought of.
Well, today I captured an eagle fishing! And eating! In focus!
The funny thing on its beak is a piece of fish which it kept trying to get off by rubbing on logs. I plan to post some of these later on my site in a mo finished form, as these are straight from my camera.






Hopefully more to come. And the osprey series will continue. I just figured out how to do my blog on my iPad so things should keep coming!
Enjoy and let me know what you think, but please don’t steal my photos. Have them for your personal pleasure but don’t pass them on.

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  1. Those are magnificent shots, Cathy! You almost feel you could touch him!

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