The osprey continue!

It’s the beginning of the new year and I haven’t completed the old year. Which was very exciting and satisfying. I just completed my show on the osprey and it was a challenge to choose the photos for it. I love them all, for the shot and for the story behind them. I am always impressed with how well the camera can a capture the detail of a split second of action. Some people say that you miss things when you are behind a camera lens. I am always amazed at what I didn’t see until I look at it on my computer.


In this case, I didn’t see the blood on the fish from the osprey’s talons until it was on the computer. Another shot revealed, horror of horrors, that a fish was still breathing when it was brought in by Dad!

and in this one, I was amazed at the colours of their eyes, and the intensity with which they watched the fish being delivered!


Categories: birds, fish, Osprey, Photography, wildlife

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  1. Your photos are really, really special. So pleased to have stumbled across your blog!


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