It’s Still Winter, but…

It is still winter here, but this winter has been very kind. Little snow at lake level, lots up high and mild temperatures. Coming from Winnipeg originally, and Calgary, it feels balmy here. Having said that, it is snowing today! And chilly!

So time to continue reviewing my successes of 2012. And there were many.
Even though I felt I didn’t have much success with the grizzly population, when I looked at my photographs I was amazed at how many encounters I had. And some, close encounters. Probably unwisely, I feel that during spawning season when they are stuffing their mouths (big mouths!) with Kokanee salmon they aren’t that interested in me as long as I don’t crowd them and don’t stay too long.

Not interested in me!
That belief has worked so far, but freaks my family. Although this year I took my other half with me and he was as enthralled with them as I am. However, he did spend a fair amount of time telling me I was getting to far away from the truck, or was allowing the bear to get between me and the truck. Quite irritating sometimes, but reassuring that he wasn’t trying to feed me to the bears.

We have several females that we are lucky to see almost every year. And for the past two years there has been a mother with the same two cubs. They are gorgeous! And not too aggressive when I meet up with them. I suspect next year we won’t see them together as the young will be out on their own. I showed them in an earlier post – Sneak Peak.

When ‘shooting’ grizzlies, especially with cubs, they can remind you of teddy bears or puppies! You have to remind yourself that they are very dangerous and unpredictable. But cute.

Cute but dangerous!

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