Waiting for the bears

It’s that time of the year when we go bear crazy around here – grizzly bear to be exact. However, this year they are slow in coming down from the mountain meadows. The huckleberry harvest was fantastic. Great if you cook pies, but lousy if you are a bear watcher.
so in the meantime I have been going through last year’s photo files and thought I’d show some of them to you.
Sometimes it is so nice to get a sequence of a bear catching a fish. This first group shows one of the younger cubs (still a year old) doing exactly that!






Success is celebrated briefly before it’s off for another fish!
This next group shows one of the local adults hunting with great concentration. These photos also show why one should have a healthy respect for grizzly bears. Take a look at their claws! After this group I have inserted a shot of a black bear fishing for salmon and take a look at its claws. A bit of a difference – although both would be painful!




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