Bear! Where? There!

So now the saga continues with our bears this fall. I promised a close up shot of the big bear showing his (?) claws. This isn’t to say that the other grizzly have skimpy claws.


Isn’t that a beautiful bear?!

The next bear we saw was, I think, one of mom’s cubs, first year on its own. The reason I think that is it was quite calm about our presence. And it looked like one of the cubs. Actually, they all looked like mom’s cubs. Note the claws…..

Into the river

Following the river

These sightings come over hours of looking for bears. Most days we didn’t see anything of the bears, except their scat. But I got some wonderful eagle and merganser shots – these to come.
As well, I will find more of my bears to show you.

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  1. Wow Cathy great shots!!! when is the Calender coming out? put me down tor 2


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