A Time for New Beginnings

One of the marvellous things about living here is the opportunity to see the young of so many species develop over the spring and summer. By fall most of them are ready to depart for their winter places.

Over the past two years I have seen a lot of young ones and want to share these sights with you. Once again, I ask that you do not take my photos for any commercial use.

The waterfowl are especially hard to capture in photographs as their young are protected by feathers that match their surroundings perfectly. I have seen offspring that are orange and black and white and wondered why their are so colourful. Then, when they go into the reeds or the nest I can’t see them. That’s when I realize the colours are perfect for their setting!

Once they are on the lake, their plumage develops gradually over the summer. Initially, they are nondescript. Later you can see the gradual change to the adult pattern.

The loon is a perfect example. As loon-lets, they are downy and neutral in colour, to fit along the banks of streams and lakes.

Feed Me - Loon

Then, over the summer, they acquire the adult look.

Watching young

Loon changing plumage

And finally –

Loons in Parallel

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