Snow Clean-up

Sorry for my absence but I have been working on a new photo show. And I wanted to get some photos of the clean-up from the last snow slides we had.

We all get very frustrated when the road is closed or only a single lane with waits of up to 20 minutes to an hour. But, we have to give credit where credit is due. The clean-up ain’t easy. As you can see in the following photographs, machinery and people work very hard to clean up quickly and get us on our way. It’s just that we have businesses and people that need access to a free, open road in order to earn income, and kids that need to get to and from school on the school buses (not that we hear the complain). It’s a two way road (sorry for the pun)! Gradually, the logistics of downing the snow and cleaning it up are starting to reflect our work cycle.

In the meantime, these photos will hopefully demonstrate the size of the slides and the scope of the clean-up.







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