Swans – a sign of spring!

In the last week or so, spring has been edging its way north. The snow at lake level is almost gone and new sights and sounds abound. A wonderful sign of spring is the return of the swans, both tundra and sometimes trumpeter. The latter are still a fairly rare sight. But this year we have been rewarded by the presence of at least 8 pairs of trumpeters. Swans mate for life and when one dies the other remains on its own. Over the past few years we have always had a solitary swan at the head of the lake. So this year’s arrivals are encouraging for the future.

For now, they seek out quiet back waters to rest before they continue north. The wind has been gusty so they are frequently seen together in the marsh areas.

These shots show their grace and beauty. I hope you enjoy them.





I managed to get some shots of them flying up the lake that I will share with you later.

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  1. Certainly more beautiful than our geese which our one of our signs of spring!

    Please note my new email address is sandrajpieri@gmail.com.



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