While I Wait

There will be a lull in wildlife activity now. Waterfowl will be nesting; eagles and osprey are still returning; bears are coming out of hibernation but still too far away and plants are not up yet.
So I thought this blog could be about photographs I have taken and love but haven’t shown you. Some are from 8 or 9 years ago, some from last year.

I love the look on this little one’s face. Such happiness or satisfaction with the meal.


This grizzly was quite curious about me – under the watchful eye of its mother. The moment she was uncomfortable, or wanted to move on, she did something and he was off to her side.
But not before one last look.

Beavers are very shy, even up here. So they are not seen that often during daylight. Apparently at one time, before people decided they made nice top hats, they were not nocturnal. I guess those that survived were the ones that didn’t come out during the day.

I don’t often talk about black/brown bears. So I thought I’d show you some of those bears. It’s funny, no matter how old a photo is I can still remember where I took it.


Next post, I’ll show you some more of past photos.

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