A Gaggle of Geese

In most cities in Canada and the US along the flight path of the Canada goose, geese have become a major nuisance. Their crowding along waterways and artificial lakes in the suburbs, as well as their ‘droppings’ have most municipalities looking for ways to get rid of them. And they are bad tempered often ( the geese not the municipalities).

Out here they are a fairly common sight, and an interesting one in their natural habitat. But I must confess, I don’t usually go out of my way to photograph them. Most of my opportunities come by chance. The goose sliding in winter (an earlier post), and a couple others to come were side activities that happened to catch my eye.

The other day was no exception. As I was heading out to my favourite marsh area I spotted a small goose family. Parents and three fluffy, very small, and oh so adorable goslings. I stopped to take a couple of shots and ended up with a group of shots that capture the determination of the young.

This set speaks for itself, so here is my family of geese on their daily constitutional……








At this point I could almost hear the little one saying, ‘I think I can’….


And finally, ‘I knew I could!!!’ And if a goose could look proud, this adult is very proud!



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