What a wonderful day!

Today was a wonderful day! It was sunny and cool and full of wildlife surprises for me!

This fall has been very slow for the Kokanee. So it has been very slow for the Eagles, mergansers and, of course, the Grizzlies. I haven’t travelled up the road very often as a result. But for some reason I went up today. Thank heavens. Bear with the slow upload as there are a lot of photos and I put them up in a larger file size than normal.

I captured a wonderful immature eagle basking in the sun, while keep a watchful eye out for fish. It’s amazing how, from the distance they look motionless in the trees, but close up they are constantly in motion. They watch the river, the sky, me, other eagles and any other movement. I spent at least 20 minutes with this one before it took off.

I find the immatures particularly appealing. Their plumage is varied and their feathers in various stages of development. And Everything seems fresh and new to them. ‘Eagle eyed’ certainly fits this one.






And finally, it made its move and left me behind as it headed up River.








And it was gone!

If that wasn’t enough, a few kilometres away, I almost missed two Grizzlies fishing in the river. They obviously had found a pool of Kokanee and were doing some serious underwater browsing. More on them in the next post.

I also met a raven that agreed to be photographed. And two nice gentlemen who shared their love of wildlife and photography with me while we waited for something else to come along. I hope they have a nice Thanksgivings!

What a wonderful day! Hope you enjoyed it too.

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