It’s a Teddy Bear! Not……

Each time I see a grizzly bear I am impressed with their presence. And I always wonder just how big they are. At a distance sometimes it is hard to judge their size.

The other day, I caught sight of two grizzlies quite a distance away. So far that you can see how small they appeared in a very large lens. The photos aren’t that great as a result. After I had shot some photos of one of them, the other approached the shore coming down from a log. It is the first time I almost drew back from the camera. Take a look at this bear, first the head, then the neck and then the shoulders and you will hopefully see what I mean.







In contrast to this fellow, I was also able to photograph a couple of cubs from this season. This is where the ah…..aren’t they cute factor comes in.







And they are, until Mom arrives on the scene….



And she isn’t that old either. So when we say Ah, we should remember OH!



Cute, but not that cuddly.


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