Got my goat!

This is another example of being in the right place at the right time – by chance.
I headed out this morning with a friend to bird watch. It is getting colder now, -10C this morning. And the rivers and creeks are almost completely frozen. But sometimes a few birds have hung around, hoping for a few more warm days before migrating south. And the birds that overwinter are easier to see without the foliage.
So we headed up the lake in a light snowfall. And low a behold, spotted a small flock of, not birds but, mountain goats.
Most places in this range of mountains have mountain sheep with their curled horns. They are quite often at the side of the highway going through the national parks. But we have the mountain goat. Of Heidi fame. And at this time of year they are lovely with their rich white long coats. In the summer, when they are easier to spot, although almost as elusive, they have shed their coats are look rather ratty. Not good photo material, although in another post I may show them with their young.
These goats were high up on a ridge. And with the snow falling I didn’t have a lot of hope for good shots. But my new camera, mirrorless, has a long lens and viola! Mountain goats. You’ll notice one goat which appears in most of the shots and seems to be watching over the others. I think it is the dominant male.















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  1. Thought the Loch Ness Monster of Kootenay Lake was the sturgeon that you never see.


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