Shadowed – Life in the Lardeau Valley

One of the more challenging photographs to get right is when the subject is in the shadows. And animals quite often gravitate there. First of all, the shadows provide protection from prying eyes. Mothers often place their young in the shadows for that reason. The play of light makes their young harder to see, especially while they have their camouflage coloration when just born. Shade also provides shelter from the sun on hot days. Shadow can also convey cold. The lack of sun makes the air colder.

And, shadow or shade also can make landscape shots more interesting, with the added texture of the contrasts between light and dark.

However, the camera can be challenged by the mixed lighting. Even with software manipulation the shadow can still ‘ruin’ a lovely shot.

I have chosen a few shots that I am pleased with because of the role that the shadow plays. Without the shadow each of these photos would have been nice, but would not have conveyed the feeling as well.





This post is part of The Daily Post weekly photo challenge: Shadowed

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  1. Gorgeous photos…perfect for the shadow challenge. I especially like the mother deer with the fawn.


  2. Thank you. It is a favourite of mine. The shadow seems to soften their world and protect them.


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