Love in the Animal Kingdom

We are often reminded that animals do not experience the emotions that humans do. That can have a good side if it means greed, hatred, anger and revenge aren’t wired into their brains. However, it also means that love, compassion and loyalty might not be there either. If you have ever watched a parent looking after its young, it’s hard to believe the latter. Love seems to radiate from their eyes, posture and gestures. As well as the care and attention they lavish on the little ones.
At least that’s how it looks from my end of the lens. As I look for the photographs for my eBook for kids, I keep finding examples of these emotions. Not that they are there of course. It’s solely wired into the parent to perpetuate the species. Yeah, right. Look at these and tell me what you see.
These are from one of three sessions I had with a loon family.












What do you think?

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