The Loon Saga Continues

After my first visits with the loons, I went back again later in the summer to see how things were going. The little one was growing and gaining some independence. Since it couldn’t fly, no on was leaving the pond. But life seemed good.
The chick was stretching his wings between feedings


And, for some reason, stretching his foot


It also seemed to be looking more like an adult, with the shape of its head maturing into the flat face


It was still dependent on the parents for food


And for security


But it seemed the parents had more time to themselves, almost reestablishing their bond.



This was my last visit to the pond, but I will go back this year to see who returns.
By the way, have you any idea how difficult it is to photograph a fluffy bird in sunlight and have it look in focus? All my baby bird pictures have been such a challenge. Particularly when back lit.

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