Put Your Best Foot Forward

Feet are something we don’t often give much thought to. Unless they are helping us make a fashion statement with designed shoes, sneakers, bare. Or they hurt. But much of the time, they are, just, well, there. We walk on them and they get us from point A to B. And feet look a lot alike. That’s not something we think about unless we have a foot fetish, or work with feet. Then, every foot is different.

But in the animal kingdom feet are different. That is something I have come to appreciate through my photography. But gradually, imperceptibly. I wasn’t exactly out there to shoot feet. They just happen to be a part of the scene so to speak.

I was thinking these thoughts the other day. Makes you a little curious about someone who has thoughts about feet in the wild doesn’t it? I think I had been looking at some photos, surprise, and started looking at feet. Some of them rather stick out – almost shout at you – ‘Look at my Feet!!!!’

So let’s look at their feet. Feet out there come in pairs, fours, sixes and more. They are used for far more than just feet as I shall now demonstrate.

For our four legged friends, obviously, there are four feet. And they help move their owners around the rough terrain well.

Some are hoofed to handle rocks and hard surfaces



Some have pads to protect them


Some start out with sharp claws


And some wear them roughly over time


And these use their feet for catching food


And to eat it

_DSC4688 (1)


These are the four footed ones. Next time two and multi-footed ones.

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