Two Left Feet

Now comes the fun part of my look at feet.
Whether it’s because we are used to four feet or that four footed species, like us, live on solid ground, somehow our feathered friends feet seem so much more interestingly!
Not only are their two feet seemingly weird, but in the end, they are so practical. At least most appear to be. Some seem to have been taken to an extreme.
And two footed creatures are very adept at using their feet for a variety of purposes.

First, feet are used to stand and walk on……


DSC_0309_5417 copy

They come in all sizes..for walking…


_DSC1950 (1)

And they are used to walk on all sorts of things…



They are used to hold on to things to keep themselves upright..




They are used to hold onto things to eat..


And to hold on to things they are taking somewhere to eat

_DSC0511 (1)

They use them for balancing…

_DSC8846 copy


They love to use them for scratching…




And some of them use them for fighting, although it is most likely for slapping rather than scratching in this case. I would hate to be hit by these feet…


That long appendage on the right is a leg and foot. What a wallop!

But, although these are weird and wonderful feet, when you see them used in their habitat, it makes sense….


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