I’m Being Watched

We’ve been without internet for the last day and a half, so I have been back in my files looking for photos for my annual book as well as the kid’s book. And found another topic for my blog. A short one this time.

Every so often while I’m out photographing something I will get the feeling that I am being watched. As if any minute now an animal (usually a bear) is going to tap me on the shoulder and say “Hi!’. Thank heavens that hasn’t happened yet. Although, one time, I was photographing some ducks and my husband kept whispering from behind, to look around. When I did, much irritated at being interrupted, I saw the following sight…


A bit disconcerting.

And here, I was looking for an eagle along the river and suddenly looked up and behold..


He was almost too close to fit in the picture!

At other times I am shooting one thing and then see something else in the picture. A bonus, as this little fellow was..


Again, one day, I had spotted my first cinnamon coloured black bear and lost sight of him along the road. Then he spotted me before I spotted him. We both got a good look at each other (by the way I was in my car on this occasion).


I wonder what I will find watching me this year.

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  1. G’day there,
    I just dropped in to thank you for your visit, it was very much appreciated, then I spotted your drop-down on animals, couldn’t resist a peak, beautiful photos, and the eagle is magnificent, birds of pray being my firm favourite, because there is no pretence with them they look like what they are,


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