Misplaced Trust

We often think of a child’s relationship with its mother to be special..but what if it isn’t? This is another poem for the daily poetry assignment on Word Press using acrostics, internal rhyme and the theme ‘trust’ or some aspect of it.

Misplaced Trust
Memories filled with mistakes
Offered up hopes and heartbreaks.
Touching at time without any rhyme
Hostile and cold if the truth could be told.
Ever on guard for the moment
Relations will end with a silence.

Trying to find a way near
Reaching for words that you’d hear.
Utterly worn and so many ways torn.
Stretching my soul to its limit.
Trembling at getting too close but
Eager to stay in your heart. Alas,
Destroyed by the thoughts you impart.

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7 replies

  1. It’s beautiful! 🙂 I haven’t finished the 3rd assignment.


  2. Very nicely done — and some superb internal rhyming!


  3. Very well done, in form and the words you’ve used to express your ideas.


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