Day 4 Poetry Assignment

If you wonder why I haven’t been sharing photos and stories of the valley lately, it is because of this Word Press Poetry course I decided to take. It is quite the challenge!
Today’s assignment involves an animal theme, concrete structure and enjambment. Feel free to look them up, other than the animal part.
Not having great HTML skills, I drew my poem and include as a picture. I cannot explain what possessed me to choose the bird I did, you’ll see what I mean!
Enjoy and feel free to comment…..unfortunately, or fortunately, the outline shows.


By the way, I’m not certain I really employed enjambment, but….there is no test (I think)
And in case you didn’t guess, it’s a great blue heron.

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12 replies

  1. G’day there,
    Just had to let you know I admire your gumption, I didn’t even try the concrete bit, I know my limitations 🙂 I also like your poem, just saying


  2. good job, yes you employed enjambment kind regards cheryle


  3. That’s a lovely, charming poem and drawing. Heartwarming somehow.


  4. Very nice! I could never have got the poem woven into the bird like that! You make it look effortless!



  5. Love your poem and poem. Great job. Thanks for following my blog. Blessings.


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