Seven Drawers

(The assignment was to write an ode to ‘drawers’, using the tool of apostrophe. Hopefully I have met this challenge in this simple ode.)

I have a chest of drawers

It’s called a linen chest

Not one but seven drawers

To fill with my very best.

Not lace or linen in them

At least not the fabric type

But family ‘linens’ old and worn

Bits of history and life.

Before me in each cavern

Arises a world of old.

Grandparents, great grandparents, cousins

All with a story to be told.

Pictures and letter in folders

Faded and torn and worn

By the hands of those before me

And the tears and hopes forlorn.

No one else appears to open

Any of these seven chests

Cleverly disguised as drawers

Filled with the very best.

So little space even in seven

To capture the long ago paths

Of people who came before me

And fill me with tears and laughs.

Newspaper clippings and notes

In albums neatly contained

Bundled beside cards, hankies, ribbons

Their details so carefully framed.

Just seven drawers to enclose

Their hopes, the love and fear

All of their expectations

For someone, someday to hold dear.

Oh drawers of this small little bureau

Do you know all the gems that you hold?

Do you know all that is lost

All stories no longer told?

Seven drawers sum up ten generations

From countries and times far away

So much long ago lost and forgot

With no voice that can speak up today.

So close up tightly my small seven drawers

And help hold in the past for me.

Sit tight in your wooden cradles

Someday you’ll have things from me.

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  1. I am filled with curiosity for the contents of those drawers, even as you captured their meaning so beautifully.


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