Like a Flock

Today’s assignment was landscape, using Found Poem and Enumeratio. I got the landscape part but couldn’t use the found poem structure and only a little enumeratio. Hopefully the poem makes up for my deficiencies.

Like a flock of birds all in a crowd

Churning the air with their wings and their cries

Battling against me as I try to pass,

People surround me on the street.

My eyes are tired, my ears are sore

My body cries to be free – of all

Of this sound and all of this push,

Alone yet crowded out of my space.

Step away from the river of frenzy,

Step away from the noise and the rush.

Find a spot in the shadows of buildings

And look inward and out far beyond.

See the true flock of birds in their splendour

With the sun on their wings as they soar,

Hear their calls and songs of freedom

As the breeze lifts their spirits up high.

Watch the river of water swirl past me

Over stones and rocks smoothed by the flow.

Hear the laughter and chuckles of water

Tumbling along at my feet.

Wash out the dirt and the press of the city;

Cleanse my spirit with the essence of peace.

A peace that is found by the water of lakes

And rivers and forests of trees.

Let me rest in the shade of a tall tree.

Hear it whisper its tales to the sky.

Let the cool of the breeze brush my face

And my mind.

Let me finally be at ease.

Let this time come before it is too late

Lest I forget all my dreams and my needs.

Let me drink from these waters and

Rest in the peace

Before my mind no longer can see.

For I know that my spirit is waiting

For my coming, in just such a place.

Let me stretch out my mind and my arms

And bring us together at last.


And to let you know, I am where I wanted to be in this poem!

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4 replies

  1. I really liked this – it describes perfectly how I feel sometimes:alone in my own little world despite being surrounded by people. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Very soothing read, reads like a prayer or meditation on nature, really enjoyed it, thank you 🙂


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