One in 100,000

I’m back after taking a brief break to recover from the poetry course I took with Word Press. It was quite a challenge to come up with a poem every day for two weeks (excluding weekends). So I apologize for the absence of any posts on the Lardeau Valley.

But I return with a big bang! This subject is apparently a 1 in 100,000 sight. At least according to a leading turkey magazine in the US. Yup, turkey magazine. Anyway, we have quite a good sized wild turkey population around here. They can be seen strolling along the side of the highway or through a farmer’s field or woods. Although some people say they have yet to see them.

I like photographing them because their individual elements – tail, wings, body – are quite lovely. It’s only when you put the bird together that is becomes quite odd looking.

But the one I spotted the other day was amazing. It is a white turkey. Not albino, just a recessive gene giving it this unique colouring. Unfortunately according to the magazine, they don’t tend to survive for long because they are easier for predators to see. I have seen it a couple times, so maybe it will survive. I can only hope.

So here it is!!!!




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  1. Maybe she has an advantage in the winter. Looks like good cammoflage to me.


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