Tired – a poem

I was just reviewing some of my posts from the poetry course I participated in during February and realized how much I had enjoyed it.
So I decided to look through my photos and see if there are any I could use as the prompt for poems.

This one jumped out at me and the poem quickly followed. An old bear, in poor health I met in the forest one day.


Time bears down on all of us.
My eyes are tired, my sight is weak.
The sun feels good, warm
But my bones are cold, the ground chills me.
But where can I go? Where can I rest?
Around me the air is filled with sound
I barely hear it, I hear my heart
Slowing, fading.
I will close my eyes and not awake.
So tired.

I apologize that it is somber. But this is what I saw in its eyes.

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