Gone Fishin’

When I first started photographing, I had many days when I would go out, take bundles of photographs and rush home to see them. Only to go through photo after photo that technically was a failure. Out of focus, not well framed, a branch in front, a branch sticking out of the head of the subject, etc. and generally I would get very few photos worth keeping, technically. And fewer that said anything.

Well, two days ago I was on the way to the grocery store when my husband saw a family of mergansers playing on the water. Actually he said, ‘there’s something down on the lake’. You have to love living in a place where a trip to the grocery store opens up photo ops. Anyway, I jumped out of the car, right camera, right lens in hand!

The sun was bright, reflecting off the water to the side of the birds as they skipped across the lake. A couple of times as they passed below me, a couple of them would dive. I was very excited to get home and see the wonderful shots I got!

When I got back and started reviewing the shots I was appalled at how many weren’t in clear focus. The light reflecting had put a halo around the birds and the light sparkles on the water had added to the effect. In a couple of the first shots I could see one of the young had caught a fish. Sort of, fuzzy bird, fuzzy fish!

It was going to be another of those days from the past! BUT. Suddenly I came to a series of shots I didn’t think I could get! Ever!

And here they are .. Enjoy the fun this group of mergansers was having!








DSC_6971merganser dives

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