Elegant Wings in Black and White

It’s a very hot night and so I headed back into this year’s folders to see if I could find some cool images. Black and white seemed to fit the bill.

We have a solitary swan up in our neck of the woods. It has come back here every year that I have been here, almost a decade. Most of the time it is alone but sometimes visits with the geese that reside here for the summer. Knowing the behaviour of swans, I suspect that at some time it lost its mate and now ‘flies’ solo. Although that could seem sad, it always looks peaceful and contented. How a swan looks contented I don’t know.

From a technical perspective these are not the strongest photographs. I find swans always are a challenge with the varying shades of white their feathers create and the way the light bounces off them. So, I have left them without much adjustment knowing that I can’t capture what the camera can’t detect (another photography lesson).

So here are my swan photos. Not to be confused with the swans I showed you earlier in the year.










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