Fancy Fly

August is always a month of photographic challenges. Most of the wildlife has made itself scarce, probably packing for the long migration ahead. So I am often ‘forced’ to resort to flowers and bugs. Although. this year I did manage to capture some fantastic bird shots, this August was further complicated by the forest fire smoke which sent wildlife even further to ground.

So, back to the bugs. Yesterday, the weather was in a state of flux with winds increasing and rain threatening. I happened to go out on the front porch and spotted a fly on one of the steps. Not an unusual sight, but this one was buzzing around a cat treat that we had dropped earlier in the day. A bit of moisture had softened it a bit, obviously making it a more attractive morsel – to the fly and later to a wasp (more of that to come).

So, I photographed it up close, really up close (how I love my macro lens!). And these are some of the results. This is a slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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