Timelessness in the Fall

As fall arrives, things slow down. People start preparing for winter. The sun is cooler. Rain seems to fall more often. The temperature goes down.
And in the woods, it is quieter. Sound is muffled. The silence is heavier and portends of snow and winter. Somehow, time seems to move more slowly. And these images convey that disinterest in speed that nature exhibits in fall.

That bug may be trapped for all time.


Will those drops of moisture ever fall?


How long has is taken for that tree trunk to grow into the trunk of the other tree?


It may not be big, but how much time was required for that stalk of grass to merge with the fungus?


Do these rings measure days, months, years?


Layers and levels, time has sculpted these growths.


Age shown in the layers.


The quiet of fall enveloped in the timelessness of nature. In the fall, does time matter?

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