One Last Spider, Really

As the fall settles in and temperatures drop, insects – other than cedar bugs – head for cover. Cedar bugs, or slow walkers as we call them in our house, can survive almost anything. They can survive freezing in the freezer (don’t ask how I know), drowning in the toilet or sitting in the boiling hot sun on a deck. They will survive after all other species are gone. Their major defence is a horrible odour they give off when threatened. Most things back off when confronted with that smell.

However, spiders will eat them. And I photographed the event after I dropped a cedar bug on a spider web. This is my last spider post of the season. However, I have to tell you that two spider experts have been thrilled with my spider photographs this year. And don’t seem to understand why other people don’t find them as appealing.

Watch closely as the spider moves in, shoots poison into the cedar bug, quickly retreats and then proceeds to wrap its web around the bug. After watching these photos, if you don’t know why most people find spiders creepy, you will know. But keep an open mind.















Next time something more viewer friendly! I promise!

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  1. I love spiders. The clarity on these photos is brilliant.


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