There is a Stump

There is a stump up the Lardeau River which seems to have strong appeal for eagles. On October 30, 2014, I wrote a blog post about this stump with photographs of a raven and an eagle ( ‘ I’m Raving about This’). And quite often I have seen a single eagle sitting there watching the water for salmon. It must have a very good view of the river bottom.

Today, I went up the river to say goodbye to the salmon and the grizzlies (which I was fortunate enough to photograph yesterday and today – for another post). And once again, there was action on that stump. This time an immature eagle and an adult. They were magnificent, and some of the expressions on the immature eagle were funny (to me).

Here is a sampling of this twosome:














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  1. What a wonderful opportunity with the two of them – making that stump famous.


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