Swan Song

I have never heard a swan sing but I have heard them talk amongst themselves. Interesting.

I am still trying to organize my photos. In fact I haven’t really even started looking at them, just trying to get the years separate onto different external hard drives. It takes time. But it should be satisfying when I am organized.

In the meantime, it has been cloudy and cool here with the occasional rain. Despite the fact that the on-line weather report keeps telling us it is sunny, partly cloudy and not that cool. Not certain where they are but it definitely isn’t here.

Although it is very quiet in the animal world, in fact the peace and quiet at this time of year is lovely up here, we have continued to be graced by the presence of a group of swans. And I have been faithfully photographing them not just because there isn’t anything else to photograph (the loons have been appearing lately although further out in the lake).

Both swans and herons are beautiful and graceful. The heron in the air and the swan on the water. I have enjoyed watching the swans feeding, cruising and grooming along the lake shore this past week. I thought I’d share some photos with you.

single swan ripple feathers DSC_7727

The signet is harder to photograph because it is darker and the light is grey on the lake. But it is quite striking.

signet groom with friend DSC_7751

signet looking forward DSC_7885

signet curved 1 DSC_7902

The adults are elegant and when grooming can assume some of the most twisted positions.

swan groom pause DSC_7202

swan under wing DSC_7144 copy

swan clean cropped 1 DSC_6847

3 swans DSC_7770

My favourite photo is this one. Delicate and almost luminous.

single swan watching DSC_7888

And then there are their wings!

swan wing closingDSC_6923

swan wings 3 DSC_6922

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  1. Beautiful photography – you may have inspired me to take some photos of my feathered friends. They live in the large pond just beside me and maybe I’ve taken them for granted as they are such delightful neighbours!


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