A Feeding Frenzy

Tonight as I stood on our deck I spotted a couple of crows, or ravens, sitting on a tree. I grabbed my camera to see what they were doing and Wow! Both crows and ravens are very hard to photograph because of the intensity of the black of their feathers.
I lucked out on these and to add to my excitement, it turned out they were young waiting to be fed.

Enjoy! And let me know if they are crows or ravens. I’m thinking crows. But……

DSC_6194cropped crow_raven sequence24

DSC_6195cropped crow_raven sequence24

DSC_6196cropped crow_raven sequence24

DSC_6199cropped crow_raven sequence24

DSC_6200cropped crow_raven sequence24

DSC_6201cropped crow_raven sequence24

DSC_6202cropped crow_raven sequence24

DSC_6203cropped crow_raven sequence24

DSC_6204cropped crow_raven sequence24

DSC_6205cropped crow_raven sequence24

DSC_6206cropped crow_raven sequence24

DSC_6207cropped crow_raven sequence24

DSC_6209cropped crow_raven sequence24

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  1. Daddy missed by that much…kept going hehe…

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  2. Gorgeous. These look amazing. Glad you’re having a great time out there.

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