Daily poetry

Like a Flock

Today’s assignment was landscape, using Found Poem and Enumeratio. I got the landscape part but couldn’t use the found poem structure and only a little enumeratio. Hopefully the poem makes up for my deficiencies. Like a flock of birds all in… Read More ›

How Many Times

Today’s poetry assignment had the theme ‘Fog’ in the form of an elegy, using metaphor. The loss of someone to dementia is very hard. Their fog is painful to see. She stands in the middle of the hallway, Arms outstretched, smile lights… Read More ›

Trust Me

Trust me Tentative gestures, a hand reaching out Uncertain but hopeful Searching my eyes Touching my heart Made me a treasure Enveloped in pleasure. Another assignment, first attempt, in poetry, writing at daily post, theme ‘trust’, acrostics, internal rhyme.