Five Fingers

Tonight’s poetry assignment is to create a prose poem with the theme ‘fingers’ using assonance. Not certain how well I did on the latter, but here it is.


With a flick of the wrist, five fingers fly by.
Or is is four and a thumb?
My hands are so restless, my fingers
Are tapping in time to a beat
I don’t hear.
The pulse of my blood, booms
Inside my ears and adds anthem to the
Notes of this drum. Fingers to table
Are a message, a warning, a presage
Of stress, flight or fight.

With a flick of a wrist, five fingers are flying
Over the keyboard that mimics my life.
A slip on the notes, so often denotes
A mistake, an error of ways.
An even glissando, a run up the keys
Shows my fingers are steady
And strong. Five fingers move softly
With the soft sound of my heartbeat
A message of stillness and peace.

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  1. Very powerful and interesting!



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