Colour (or Color)

No matter how you spell it, colour adds so much to our daily experience. Black and white is dramatic and can be restful. But oh, the colours that surround us!
I suspect I am very aware of the riot of colours in my life because I spend so much time photographing colour. Dark colours, bright colours, oranges, greens, purples!
The two birds I have chosen to show to represent this theme are both unique in the way they present their colours. Not just in mating season, but all year. One is quite elegant and regal in bearing. The other is, well, unique. I was also amazed to see how small it is compared to other ducks. It is petite!

So I’m showing it first. It will make you smile I hope.





Of course, the female isn’t as colourful. Sigh. But gets the last word!


This is a ruddy duck. Strange name for a blue billed duck?

Next post, I’ll show the elegant presentation of colour.

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  1. Wow, so maybe Walt Disney wasn’t tripping when he came up with sketches?


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