Anatomy of a Heron’s Flight

In the summer, on calm days, I take my camera with me out in my kayak. A risk, but sometimes really worth it.
This morning was one of those times. As I headed up the lake I saw, and photographed a kingfisher along the shore (another blog).

Then as I got closer to the top of the lake I saw what I thought was an eagle or osprey on the poles that line the mouth of the creek. These poles were used in the early years as a way to contain logs that were brought down the river to the mills.

But I digress. Looking through my camera lens I realized I was seeing 2 heron! I have not seen any so far this year. As I crept/glided forward with minimal paddling, I kept taking pictures. I wasn’t sure when they would take flight.

I was able to get quite close to them, and then the closest took off. I do believe in a very early blog I mentioned photos of a heron in flight were on my bucket list. Today I got some of them.

These shots are of the first one headed away. Away, of course, so they are shots from the rear, so to speak.


As I approached the other one, it watched me for awhile and then leisurely took off. Neither seemed bothered by my presence. And I avoided make sound or getting too close quickly.



What a wonderful experience as heron seem to be fewer in numbers at our end of the lake. In another post I will bring you some old photos of heron in our neck of the woods.

Now I must fly…..

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