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I have a natural affinity for things ‘gross, yucky, icky, creepy and crawly. As a kid I chased frogs, snakes and toads. I have always disliked spiders but have found them to be fascinating subjects for photographs, as long as you don’t lose track of them!

So this post is about the slimy, slithery and generally loathed by many. If you are ready, here we go.

Snails are fascinating as their shells and their ‘bodies’ (so much for technical jargon) have so many colours and patterns. This snail I found in a tree in our yard after a rain fall.


I have always loved garter snakes. Okay, I’m a little weird for a girl! I have been able to photograph two snakes in their natural habitat and learned something new in the process.

This first one survived an excursion across a side road on a sunny hot day…


Love that grin!




This one I found on a log in the marsh and learned that garter snakes can swim..And are difficult to photograph under water. Love its tongue!



This fly has the right idea for self preservation!


Now for something slightly different. This fellow is called a northern alligator lizard, and is as neat as they come. I found him one day while taking a break from photographing the osprey.



And of course, there are the frogs and toads around here. Found in gardens and ponds by chance. It is always amazing to hear the frogs singing in a pond. Then suddenly they go silent. Almost en masse. Then one will start, and another, and then the full chorus will start up.



I came upon this group on an old forestry road higher up on the side of a valley. It wasn’t the most relaxing drive. However, at the top, I came to a small stream cutting across the road. I slowed down to cross over it and suddenly realized it was alive with these tiny frogs. All migrating down along these streams. There were hundreds of them! Just try and go forward or reverse without crushing any of them! I succeeded and then stopped to photograph them. Very small.


We had a rain storm the other night and afterwards I went out to see the sky as it cleared. This is what I saw!


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