Geese Squabble

They definitely do squabble, especially when their young are involved.

Back to my geese up the creek. After the families arrived at the shoreline, they proceeded to get out and stretch their legs. A brief stroll up into the grass above the creek was definitely called for. And all of them headed up, including the geese that were already on the shore. I think they considered this their spot.

After they reached the edge of the grass spot, and where the bushes start, they seem to be settling in for a snack. Little ones grabbed grass eagerly under the watchful eyes of their parents. And that’s when things got a little out of hand. Somebody got too close to somebody else and feathers flew! Keep your eyes open for the goslings in the midst of the fight…











When things settled down to everyone’s satisfaction and honour was preserved for all, they decided to head back to the creek. But that’s the next post!

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