Delightful Mistake

I have frequently talked about the mistakes photographers make that result in lost or poor shots. Those mistakes are goofs we wish we hadn’t made. However, today I made a mistake with very interesting results.
I have just purchased a new camera body, Nikon D4S, and had spent last night and the night before reading the manual. As usual I hadn’t progressed very far before I put a lens on camera, the battery in and a card in the slot. I had played with the menu, setting my preferences. One of the ones I have never used, hard with wildlife, is the multiple exposure setting. For some reason I set it on ‘On’ and forgot about it.
This afternoon I was photographing the mountain across the lake for a neighbour when I spotted an osprey gliding about me in wide circles. Needless to say the mountain was put on the back burner as I focused in the osprey. I took a number of shots and headed in to take a look at the results. Imagine my ‘horror’ when I looked in the viewer on the back and saw what appeared to be blurred images! The osprey was gone so I couldn’t go out and get more. I then remember the multiple exposure setting and checked it. Oops!
Reluctantly I loaded the shots on my computer and opened them. To my surprise I had created some interesting shots…..Take a look…


Hmmm, I see very interesting possibilities in the future. What can I do multiple exposures of that move….

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